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Couple Counselling

At Nurtured Thoughts, we specialise in guiding couples through their relationship challenges, navigating the complexities of trust, infidelity, intimacy, and reconnection.

Congratulations! You being here marks a huge step in the resolution and improvement of your relationship issues.

Acknowledging the profound influence relationships have on our lives is the first step to healing. They shape our mental health, professional performance, and the overall quality of our wellbeing.

We strive to offer more than optimism; we provide a practical, evidence-based, and goal-oriented approach to addressing your relationship challenges, regardless of their intricacy.

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Meet Kelly

Individual and Couples Counsellor

Meet Kelly, a world class, reputable, leading expert in couples counselling.

With more than 15 years in the field of couples counselling, Kelly’s approach to counselling has seen her work with celebrities, media executives, politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, tradespeople, and homemakers both within Australia and internationally. 

She has accrued more than 15,000 consult hours; has given presentations to audiences of 5000+ and lectures as a senior university lecturer for the last 10 years.

Her clients commend her on her professional and methodical approach to their problems, whilst also remaining very warm and empathetic.

She can help with any of your relationship issues, including (but not limited to):

Her extensive knowledge and training allows her to provide a multipurposed & holistic approach to counselling, incorporating techniques such as:

  • Internal Family Systems
  • Attachment Theory
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • The Gottman Method
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Embodiment Therapy
  • Sex and Intimacy Therapy
  • Somatic Movement

So what are you waiting for? Invest in you, your relationship & your family – because you deserve the best life possible.

Here are the areas couples therapy can assist with:

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Counselling helps partners express feelings openly, listen actively, and understand each other's perspectives. Couples learn communication techniques that foster empathy, reduce misunderstandings, and strengthens the emotional bond creating a foundation for a resilient and harmonious relationship.

Intimacy counselling

Intimacy counselling focuses on emotional and physical connection. Sessions facilitate vulnerable communication, deepening understanding and fostering mutual trust. Through exercises promoting emotional openness and empathy, couples learn to prioritize intimacy, rekindling closeness and creating a more emotionally and physically connected relationship. Mismatched intimacy styles can be worked through along with rekindling desire that has been lost or changed due to individual circumstances.

Attachment Styles

Many couples find themselves in the dance of anxiety and avoidance, where one person processes their stress by leaning in, and the other by leaning out. Therapy helps couples understand their responses and helps each person develop skills to change how they respond to the other and to their own stress. This allows each person to feel more secure and more capable of having their needs met by the other.

Infidelity repair

When infidelity occurs, it shakes the foundation of a relationship. The first step needed is therapy to rebuild trust and understanding. Therapy is designed to match whatever stage of the process you are at, whether it is recent or some time ago. Kelly assists couples through open dialogue, repair strategies and trauma healing, while addressing underlying issues and long term disconnection. This leads to emotional healing and the gradual restoration of the relationship, promoting resilience and renewed intimacy after the breach of trust.

Relationship Patterns

All relationships have patterns that shape how the dynamic functions. Therapy helps identify recurring behaviours, communication styles, and unresolved issues. By understanding these patterns, couples can break negative cycles, develop healthier dynamics, and cultivate a more satisfying and resilient relationship, fostering long-term positive change and growth.

Parenting Support

Parenting support in couples therapy involves enhancing teamwork and communication between partners in raising children. Therapists address parenting styles, provide tools for effective co-parenting, and help navigate challenges. By fostering a united front and promoting shared values, the therapy aims to create a harmonious and supportive parenting environment within the couple.

Nurtured Thoughts Psychology Brisbane | Couple Counselling Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting is easy – request a booking with our clinical administration team.

The first session is a complete discovery map. We learn what is happening at the core of the dynamic and Kelly will make recommendations for the path ahead together.

All appointments are held online using the Zoom platform. Many of Kelly’s clients live internationally, in remote areas or have childcare needs that prevent them from attending face to face. Sometimes couples may be living independently or dialling in from work trips so this platform allows for both people to attend with greater ease. After hours appointments may often be available.

Couples counselling programs depend on the nature of your situation.

Initial appointments explore the relationship themes and to make a plan for therapy. The first four appointments usually include an introductory couples session, then Kelly meets with each person individually to understand you both deeply. From there we come together to discuss a plan that matches your needs, goals, resources and time commitments.

If you cannot see a time that suits your needs, please contact our reception team to liaise with Kelly on what times might be possible.

This is not recommended. Relationship therapy (just like a relationship) is a decision two people make together to enhance their connection. It may be the suggestion of one party, however both parties should be in agreement that it is a journey they want to commit to, together.

At this time, Medicare does not offer a rebate for couples therapy under the Mental Health Care Plan. Personal therapy appointments with Kelly are not covered by Medicare. You may be able to claim private health insurance for counselling if your personal coverage includes this feature – check with your provider.