Adolescent Therapy Brisbane

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Adolescent Therapy

At Nurtured Thoughts Psychology, we engage teens through both talk therapy and nonverbal methods such as music, art therapy, and drama therapy (depending on their interests).

Nonverbal communication methods in counselling can make adolescents feel safer and more comfortable expressing themselves. This has been shown to be an effective method of developing relationships and working effectively with this age group.

Nurtured Thoughts Psychology is dedicated to providing professional and empathetic counselling services that cater to the unique needs of teenagers.

We understand that talk therapy may not always be the preferred method of communication for this age group, which is why we offer nonverbal methods such as music, art therapy, drama therapy, and cooking therapy, based on their interests.

Research has shown that nonverbal communication methods in counselling can help adolescents feel more comfortable expressing themselves and develop strong relationships with their therapist. Our holistic counselling support addresses emerging mental health concerns, allowing young people to learn effective stress management techniques and prepare for a successful transition into adulthood.

Addressing any emerging mental health concerns through holistic counselling support during this time is critical for the young person to learn how to manage stressors effectively and transition into adulthood.