Meet the Team

At Nurtured Thoughts Psychology, our team of qualified psychologists and administrative staff are dedicated to providing professional and empathetic care to individuals, adolescents, children, and families.

We prioritise your comfort and concerns during therapy, which is why our team ensures a positive and comfortable experience for you.

Our practitioners regularly attend workshops and conferences to stay up-to-date with current research on wellness and neuroscience, and we also participate in ongoing peer and clinical supervision.

We understand the importance of self-care and well-being, which is why we practice what we preach by engaging in self-reflection, mindfulness, and other wellness practices regularly. Our commitment to self-care enables us to provide high-quality care to our clients.

Thank you for considering Nurtured Thoughts Psychology as your mental health provider. We are committed to providing you with professional and empathetic care that meets your unique needs and goals.

Andri Christoforou

Children and Adolescents

Hello, I’m Andri!

I am a registered psychologist in Australia and I hold a clinical psychology registration in Cyprus.

I was born and raised in the beautiful mediterranean island of Cyprus and I speak Greek and English fluently. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Essex in the UK and completed my master’s degree in clinical psychology in Cyprus.

For the past 4 years I have been on a beautiful journey here in Australia and I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to continue making a positive difference in people’s lives. I’m passionate supporting children, young people, and their families to reach their fullest potential and to acquire the appropriate toolbox for mental resilience, and an improved well-being.

I believe that every individual is unique in the way they experience life and view the world thus my goal is to attempt and view the world through their perspective and using a variety of evidence-based psychological interventions and life experiences to support them reaching their own therapy goals and their fullest potential.

Principle Psychologist Brisbane

My particular areas of interest include:

My aim is to make the therapeutic journey safe, comfortable and enjoyable by incorporating evidence-based interventions, some creativity, and skills I have learned from drama and improv classes. Oh, and a spark of humour!

On days with extra free time I tend to focus on my self-care doing art, swimming, creative writing, travelling and spending time with my family.

The first steps of therapy might seem scary and uncomfortable but, if you allow me, I will show you that it’s only through the muddy waters that you will see a lotus flower rise.

Kelly Mitchell

Individual and Couples Counsellor

With over 20 years of experience, Kelly is a committed relationship therapist dedicated to guiding couples and individuals toward healthier communication, relationship dynamics, and intimacy. She works with the unique needs of each client helping them repair connections strained by conflicts, emotional wounds, parenting difficulties, health concerns, infertility, infidelity, betrayal, or crises. Her holistic and compassionate approach allows clients to be deeply seen and heard, creating profound relationship clarity and connection.

Sessions with Kelly focus on building self-awareness, understanding core dynamics and patterns, and creating new strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, repair and healing. Kelly also offers practical tools and activities for continued progress outside of sessions. With advanced training in intimacy, Kelly assists couples in reigniting desire, addressing libido changes, mismatched intimacy styles, shame, fear, and the scars of addiction or betrayal.

Kelly also works with individuals needing support in the areas of depression, anxiety, addiction, reproductive health and patterns of dysregulated eating. Her expertise extends to helping individuals and couples overcome body shame, facilitating trauma healing, and nurturing self-confidence, fostering newfound self-expression and connection.

Nurtured Thoughts Psychology Brisbane | Couple Counselling Brisbane

Things I offer support for with:

  • couples therapy
  • trauma healing
  • repair of old relationship patterns
  • trauma/healing for difficulty in parental relationships
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • recovery from betrayal or infidelity
  • anxiety and depression
  • body image therapy & dysregulated eating
  • counselling for infertility and reproductive health
  • self esteem, confidence and resilience building


As an experienced online practitioner and teacher, Kelly seamlessly transitions the therapeutic environment to an online setting. With a Master of Counselling and extensive postgraduate training in relationships, trauma, and mental health, Kelly employs a wide array of therapeutic tools tailored to each individual and couple including from: